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Lawn Fertilizers

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New Seeding Option

For lawns with new seeding, we have an optional replacement Step 1 bag for the Scotts and Agway 4-step programs. To improve the growth of your grass seed and strengthen root development, we recommend substituting Step 1 with its respective new seeding alternative.

(Bags also sold seperately from Step Program)

Individual Fertilizers (Non-Organic)

If you just want to fertilizer but don't want to buy a whole kit, you can buy individual bags that just fertilize or fertilize and prevent crabgrass or weeds, help start a new lawn, or control moss.

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Individual Fertilizers (Organic)

Organic fertilizers are a great alternative to non-organic since they are less harmful on the enviroment. Organic fertilizers do take a little to start work but last a little longer in the soil, they also can be applied anytime of the year without harm your lawn.

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Lime and Soil Amendments

Lime is a soil ph neutralizer and is as important if not more than fertilizer to a healthy lawn. If your soil is to acidic (like it is here in Connecticut) lime helps to lower the soils ph. When your soil's ph is correct it allows the grass to receive all the nutrients from your fertilizer, saving you money in the long run.
Gypsum, also known as calcium sulfate, is great for lowering the salt levels of your lawn especially after a winter where ice melters and road salt have been thrown on it. Gypsum also hepls aerate comapacted soil and soils heavy in clay.
Moss Control is used to control moss that restricts your grass from growing and spreading while strengthening your lawn. Read more about this on our Lawn Chemicals page.

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