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17 Week Pullet, Turkeys, and Guinea Keets Advanced Order

Fresh Eggs, Fresh Meat, and No Ticks

Currently available now. No pre-order needed. First come first serve. Pick up at our store today!

    24+ Week Old Red Cross Pullets...$10.99
    21+ Week Old Leg Horn Pullets...Sold Out

Please fill out all of the boxes below on this form to submit a pullet order, be sure to provide a working phone number so that we may call you when the birds are here.

An e-mail confirmation for your order will be sent to you within 48 hours of you placing your order during our normal business hours. (If you order on a weekend, the confirmation will be sent on Monday.) If you do not receive a confirmation email for your order within this time frame, please call us at 203-268-2537 to be sure we received your order. Do not place your order more than once as we will assume it to be an addon order and increase the number of birds you ordered.

17 Week Old Red Cross Hens & White Leghorns

These trimmed beak pullets will be ready to lay in about 5 weeks.

Untrimmed pullets are currently unavailable, please check back at a later date for more information.

Baby Turkeys

Large Broad White Turkeys for excellent meat

"Old Fashioned" Giant Bronze Turkeys

Baby French Guinea Keets

Interesting birds that eats lots of ticks!

Place your order below. Please put the number of birds you would like to order in the boxes below.

Please fill out all of the boxes below on this form to submit an order. Boxes with * are requred.

red cross hen

Red Cross Trimmed Beak

$9.99ea (25+ $9.50 ea)(50+ $9.00ea)

(100+ $8.50ea)

$1 Deposit per Bird for orders of 50 or more birds

white leghorn

White Leghorn

Sold Out

white turkey

Large Broad White Turkeys

Price $3.99 ea (20+ $3.75 ea)

bronze turkey

Giant Bronze Turkeys

Price $3.99 ea (20+ $3.75 ea)

guinea keet

French Guinea Keets

Price $3.99 ea (20+ $3.75 ea)

Sold Out

It is very important for anyone handling any type of bird or animal to wash their hands thoroughly before preparing food or putting hands in their mouth. It is especially important that children understand the necessity of this sanitary procedure when they are handling poultry or their pets.

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